Lloyd Hotel

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy: where Experimental Gastronomy sprouted

With its home base at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam, Steinbeisser has held successful editions of Experimental Gastronomy in Basel, Berlin, Saratoga and Zürich, and collaborated with over fifty artists such as Maki Okamoto, Joo Hyung Park and Nils Hint to create extraordinary cutlery and tableware. Chefs like Edwin Vinke (De Kromme Watergang) and Kristian Baumann (108) were challenged to fill these ‘eating vessels’ with solely plant-based food.

What started in 2011 as an exhibition of experimental jewellery in collaboration with Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, grew to be a fruitful partnership that explores the boundaries of what, why and how we eat. In 2012, the hotel joined in the development of the very first Steinbeisser dinner in room 27, the kitchen room. Jam-packed with 27 people, they shared the intimate beginning of what would become an ongoing collaboration between Jouw Wijnsma & Martin Kullik and Suzanne Oxenaar, former artistic director of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is driven by a curiosity to explore the cultural luggage of guests, the wish to make a connection between Dutch culture and theirs and a zest for making visitors with all backgrounds feel welcome. This listed national monument from 1921 was built as a hotel for emigrants and has been converted by MVRDV architects in 2004.

Constantly adapting to the flux of geo-travellers and the input of cultural partners, the Cultural Embassy is present throughout the building. It initiates cultural events, connects innovators from arts and culture and invites them to make new connections between Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy and their experimental, radical and often boundary-crossing work.

It is therefore no surprise that Steinbeisser, with its unconventional and laboratory view on an everyday occupation, captures the imagination of the Cultural Embassy. In 2017, a retrospective of five years Steinbeisser’s Experimental Gastronomy was exhibited in the public spaces of the hotel. Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy was, and is, closely involved in Steinbeisser’s evolution.