Steinbeisser’s Experimental Gastronomy with Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger and Felix Schellhorn in Vienna

chefs Philip Rachinger, Lukas Mraz and Felix Schellhorn aka Healthy Boy Band

the funeral march in honour of the meat that was buried for this evening

Willy Brandt’s old Opel turns wine bar

“kürbislefön” crunchy, hot and sweet-sour pumpkin variations served on spoons by Lisa Fält

eating with spoons by Lisa Fält

Spoonmania by Lisa Fält made of recycled stainless steel spoons

corn bread served on a soapstone plate by Pia Groh

preparing porcino matcha served in raw clay chawan by David Louveau

firing tomato x.o.

tomato x.o. served on a clay plate by Lillian Tørlen

dining inside the studio of artist Constantin Luser

A.D.O. (Annoyingly Dependent Objects) by Lillian Tørlen made of clay and found wood parts

plating on clay bowls by Petra Lindenbauer

“würstelstand” carrot sausage served on a foraged clay plate by Erik Haugsby

“healthy sausn” beetroot served on a clay plate by Petra Lindenbauer

“roast pork” celery served on a clay plate by Petra Lindenbauer

eating with the Jailbreak(fast) spoon by David Wolkerstorfer

Finnish Serpentine stone spoons by Jenni Sokura

“tower of pisa” salad served on a foraged clay bowl by Gregor Titze

eating with the Longdingdong spoon by David Wolkerstorfer

Longdingdong spoons by David Wolkerstorfer made of recycled steel parts

“kuru fasulye” beans served on a foraged sand plate by Erik Haugsby

foraged clay, sand and stone plates by Erik Haugsby

“quit cheese’ quince with hay and marigolds served on a clay cloud plate by Sofie Nørsteng

“götterspeise” jelly and nasturtium sorbet served in a small bowl by Gregor Titze

mittens by Eija Mustonen. photography by Thomas Albdorf.

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